Blue Belt – Mount Escapes – Body Block

Step 1:  Gain Control

The man on bottom reaches up around the shoulder blades of the man on top.  He then locks his hands together and pulls the man on top down to him to remove any gap between them.  The man on bottom also places both feet on the ground.  This is called “Gaining Control”.

Step 2: Block one side of the body

Just as we explained earlier, here is where we apply the Table rule.  After gaining control, the man on bottom traps the arm, and leg on the same side.

Traps the Arm
Traps the Leg

Step 2: SOCKET

Anytime we introduce a SOCKET into a move you need to pay close attention.  These are tips that will help you complete the move when experiencing difficulty.

In this first SOCKET the man on bottom wraps his arm around the arm of the man on top.  This allows the man on the bottom to gain tighter control the arm, or “leg of the table”.

In the second SOCKET the man on bottom thrusts his arm forward to stop the man on top from posting his arm out and stopping the move.

Step 3:  Push with your leg

While the arm and leg of the man on top is trapped by the man on the bottom, the man on bottom now bridges up and turns the man on top over to the trapped side.

Step 4:   Position is now changed