Blue Belt – Mount Escapes – Guard Return

Step 1:  Gain Control

Step 2: Get to Half Guard Position

While holding control with one arm, the man on bottom puts his leg flat.  The man on bottom then pushed the leg of the man on top into a Half Guard.

Step 2: TIP

When you lay your leg flat, try pushing with your opposite leg to shift lower body over to the leg you lay flat.  When you push the leg of the man on top this will help you move into the Half Guard.  Once your knee clears the leg of the man on top simply roll your hips back to a squared up position.  By rolling “or shrimping” your hips this will help you pull to Half Guard and then Full Guard with less effort.

Step 3: Move into a Full Closed Guard position.

Once you obtain a Half Guard, complete the same technique on the other side.