The Three Rules of Submissions

The following three Rules of training will help you better understand how to train in submissions and get the most out your training time.

RULE 1: Repetition

Learning submissions is one of the most exciting parts of learning a grappling art. If you want to become exceptional, then repetition is your best friend. You need to take every technique your instructors show you an practice it hundreds of times. YES, hundreds, even thousands of times! A couple tips to help you with this is to practice the techniques before and after class when mats are available, and during class you need to keep practicing the same technique until instructed otherwise. If you are shown an Arm Bar during class, do not start doing choke holds after you do a few Arm Bar techniques.

RULE 2: Leave your EGO at the door

Submissions are fun, but they are also dangerous.  There is no need for anyone to get hurt while learning submissions.  DO NOT be that person in class who says “let’s go 50%” but decides to go 80% the second he gets a submission.  Also, learn quickly that it is OK to tap out.  Again, there is no reason for you to get hurt because you refuse to tap out. If you decided to be the “I never tap” guy, then chances are you will get hurt.  When you come to class leave your ego at the door and be a respectful student of Eclectics.

RULE 3: You are only as good as your partner

If you want to become an advanced student in Eclectics it starts with being a great training partner.  Being attentive in class and doing the exercises as instructed to do them, is an area often overlooked by students.  It is tempting to cut up during class, do your own thing, and even worse people start teaching.  Avoid wasting time, and being disrespectful to those running class.  Stay a focused training partner and push those around you to stay focused.  You will soon realize that you, and those around you, will be improving at a much faster pace than others who are wasting their class time.