Lesson 3: Training Etiquette

Training etiquette is a subject you should immediately discuss with your instructor.  Each school has different rules on how they conduct class.  Here are a few universal key points every student needs to know when training.


  • First thing to understand is the training area at your school should be treated with respect.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to keep the training area clean.  After each class ask your instructor where the cleaning supplies are located and YOU need to confirm the mats, bags, or any used equipment has been properly cleaned.  An unclean training environment is a breading ground for all types of diseases.
  • While training, if you ever develop any type of sickness, skin infection, or illness, please inform your instructor immediately.  Infections will transfer easily between training partners and can quickly spread across a training area.  Your instructor will be able to let you know if it is ok for you to train or not.
  • During training if you start bleeding for any reason, stop training immediately.  Clean the training area with proper cleaner, and do not resume training until your bleeding has stopped and your instructor clears you to come back into the training area.
  • One final note on hygiene is to confirm you always have clean clothing, you are properly bathed, and you keep your finger and toenails trimmed.  It is never ok to wear knee or elbow pads, then reuse them without washing them.  When you refrain from washing training gear, or training clothing, you not only may be smelly but you are inviting many skin infectious diseases to breed in that clothing.  This is a very serious mistake many veteran students make.  Develop good habits of cleanliness now and you will minimize the possibility of ever contracting any type of skin infection, and you will never be asked to leave the training area because you smell bad!


  • Respect in Martial Arts is a founding cornerstone to the understanding of all Arts.  You begin showing Respect by following proper Hygiene rules.  It is not respectful to your fellow students by not following these rules.
  • In most all schools it is a sign of respect to bow before you enter the training area, and to bow as you leave the training area.  Confirm with your instructor on your  schools particular rules
  • Another way to show respect is to refrain from cursing, or participating in rude conversation during the training hours at your school.  Your instructors are trying to run class in a professional environment and at any time you may have children around, or adults, who do not want to hear such language.  Show respect to those around you and refrain from this type of behavior.
  • Every instructor realizes that many of the students training with them have experience in many different areas.  Just because you may have some knowledge it does not give you the right to teach other students unless called upon by your instructor to do so.  Show respect to your instructor by not doing this unless asked to do so!
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.