White Belt Evaluation Period

The evaluation period is to help you as a new student better experience the school you are now attending.  Before we begin trying to study for belt rank, it is important to know who you will be training under.  Each school has different procedures on how they handle the evaluation period, but you are encouraged to attend as many different classes you can.  Take this time to meet, and train under any of the available instructors.  After you reach your first 24 hours of training, review this time with your instructor.  Use this meeting as a time to set goals and figure out how you will begin the road to Black Belt.

The evaluation period for students under the age of 16 should be reduced to a number of 5 classes rather than a time requirement.  These initial classes are for the student to get familiar with the school and program instructor.  Once these classes are completed, the student should begin training for their first rank.