Welcome to the Eclectics Pankration training site.  Eclectics Pankration is a complete Martial Arts training system that will take you from the ground to standing.  Eclectics Pankration is also recognized as an official USA Federation of Pankration Athlima training system.  Welcome, as you are now part of our growing Martial Arts family


White Belt is the first rank a student is given.  Common Martial Arts practice is to give this rank to anyone who begins practicing Martial Arts.  This is where you will begin as a student, and this is going to be an exciting adventure.

Here are a few things you need to know.  Always feel free to ask anyone on our team if you have any questions, or need any assistance.

    1. Every student is required to sign-in at the start of every class.  A sign-in sheet will be available at the front desk.  Training time is tracked and counts toward your ability to test for rank.  This is very important, and is your responsibility to confirm your training time is accounted for.
    2. Eclectics Pankration students are required to wear a Training Shirt, and grappling style board shorts or Gi pants. Training shirts can be ordered from the main office.
    3. Prior to every class, and immediately following every class, the mats, bags, and any used equipment must be cleaned and stored away. Cleaning the mats is not the job of the instructor; it is the job and responsibility of the students. You must make it a priority to sweep and mop the mats.  A clean training environment is a must, and this will be strictly enforced.
    4. You must inform the instructor of any injuries, or skin infections, prior to the start of class. IT IS NOT OK to train while treating an injury or skin infection.
    5. The use of foul language, or disruptive conduct, will not be tolerated.
    6. If you have questions about a technique, or need help with a technique, ask the instructor. Do not try and teach others unless you are asked to do so by the instructor. The individuals qualified to answer your questions regarding techniques used in the Eclectics Pankration class, are those authorized and recognized as an official instructor.  Unless you are instructed otherwise, do not teach, and do not take instruction from any other individuals during class time.
    7. Keep up to date with any changes in the training schedule, & get current Eclectics Pankration news by networking with us, follow us on Twitter @EclecticsMA, or Facebook at Facebook.com/EclecticKombat, and you can also visit our web site at EKnation.com.