Purple Belt – Leg Locks

Ankle Joint Lock

The main points to successfully execute this submission are to squeeze your knees, and turn your upper body all in one motion.

Achilles Lock

With an Achilles, secure the lock then point your chest upwards.  This action will tighten the pressure of your arm against your opponents Achilles tendon.

SOCKET 1:  Try starting high, in the middle of the calf muscle and pull your wrist down into the Achilles tendon.

SOCKET 2:  To create extra pressure rotate your wrist bone into your opponents Achilles tendon.

Pancrase Turn

The Pancrase Turn can be used to move your opponent into a different position.  You may have also heard of this figure 4 style lock described as a foot lock.

SOCKET:  When you secure the Pancrase Turn, make sure you twist your entire upper body.  This hold will transition you into many submission options from many different positions.

Toe Hold

When you apply the Toe Hold be sure to grab all the toes, this is not a small digit joint manipulation.  To successfully complete this submission be sure to secure the leg you are doing the submission on to minimize your opponent’s movement. 

SOCKET:  When you apply the submission try to curl your fingers as if you are rolling up a newspaper.  Continue this pressure against the foot till your opponent moves or submits.

Knee Bar

Anytime you fully extend the leg, creating pressure against your opponent’s knee, this is a Knee Bar.

Hinge Pinch

Anytime you create pressure in the knee joint of the leg by folding your opponent’s leg over, this is a Hinge Pinch.  This can be accomplished by using your arm or leg and executed from any position.  You may have also heard of this Hinge Pinch described as a Calf Slicer.